The Legend of Capcom: A Third Party

So I’m a massive fan of The Legend of Zelda. If there was one series I’d call myself a fanboy for, it would have to be Zelda, so prepare for some massive Bias.

Capcom are one of the only companies other than Nintendo to work on Zelda games, (Although Tecmo Koei are currently working on Hyrule Warriors alongside Nintendo) and at the time that was a huge step. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s core franchises and to just leave a third party in charge of the games is trusting to say the least. It’s also worth noting, the last proper 2D Zelda game was made by capcom, in the form of the minish cap, and other than the gamecube version of Four Swords(which was hardly traditional), Nintendo haven’t been behind a 2D Zelda since 1993 with Links Awakening although a Link Between Worlds was very much in the format of the traditional 2D games with a bit of a makeover so we could be seeing a return to the brilliance that existed on the handhelds and older consoles.

I’ve gone a bit off topic here. Capcom created the Oracle of Ages, the Oracle of Seasons, Minish Cap and worked on the GBA remake of a link to the past with the four swords bonus game. They were brilliant at it. I was very young at the time of playing these games, or at least the oracle games but i had very fond memories of playing them. Recently I purchased these games on the 3DS virtual console to see how they stacked up today after playing Nintendo’s recent attempt (Which I believe is brilliant) and while they seem a lot shorter, they still really are amazing games. They have charm, brilliant characters, fun mini games and such brilliant dungeon design that they can easily stand on their own as much as A Link to the Past does. It also helps that they have some bad ass villains.

Onox from Oracle of Seasons

As well as this, the games have a secret link feature, so after finishing one game, you can continue the second straight after in the timeline, so characters will give you codes to give to people from the other game which while requiring you to play the first game you played for a second time does unlock some awesome new items and a secret final boss.

Does Minish Cap stand up to time just as well? I have no idea, I’m still playing the second Oracle game, however I’m definitely going to find out once I finish it.

It’s also worth noting that the Subrosian dance is far, far cooler than the Goron dance. No one wants to rely so much on timing you stupid Gorons, deal with it.