I am a Gadget

This post is inspired by the first 28 pages of “You Are Not A Gadget”, a book by Jaron Lanier.

I’ve been reading this book recently and I went into it expecting it to be a rant on how technology has become so prevalent in modern life, and how people don’t talk to each other anymore. I didn’t expect anything more than this. This book is changing me.

Sure, it’s about what I described but it’s more about the effects of it all. From this book I’ve come to the realization that I’m a machine, I focus only on the details of things happening around me, and output those details. I don’t think. I don’t have deep thought’s or spend hours upon hours putting work into something unless it’s needed for my university work. I need to change this, and I need to actually reflect on the world and come up with my own ideas. (I am aware that I was told this by a book, defeating the purpose but we all have to start somewhere.)

Read this book. Please.