Intersect 0.5

So a friend posted a link to spritz on his facebook today, it’s a ‘new’ implementation of speed reading. This spurred me to look into other speed reading software available and really reminded me of the intersect from Chuck, with its super-liminal learning format.

So testing out other software, such as the spreeder website i’ve tried ‘reading’ different articles, and while super cool I just don’t feel like i’m actually retaining the knowdlege. spritz seems to improve it a bit, with the way it pauses for certain length strings, splits up long words and fixates on a certain letter. Maybe it just takes some more use of the sort of software before you get used to it.

If I can get this software to work it is really going to improve the amount of stuff I read, but I like to take my time reading. I often read the same sentence over and over, just to comprehend it. I’m not sure if this is normal or not but I certainly have quite a bad attention span. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing spritz develop more and have more use than just the test thing they have on the site, and hopefully we’ll see integration with stuff like kindle in the future.


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